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Wanda Akin Lands Deal with John Muir Publications for Entertainment Guide

Wanda Akin, Akin & Randolph, is just back from a two-week teaching stint at the American University in Cairo, Egypt and already she has a check for a melt-in your mouth acquisition. SATISFY YOUR SOUL: THE AFRICAN AMERICAN ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE will profile the twenty best cities most visited by African Americans and a sampling of the cities’ soul food, African and Caribbean restaurants.  Soul, if Sylvia’s of Harlem, USA, is any indicator, will appeal to anyone who is looking for scrumptious food and satisfying nightlife.  As they say, when in Los Angeles, do as Los Angelenos do. 

The author Carla Labat was born and raised in New Orleans, one of the destination cities.  She has spent four months on the road already, soaking up the night life, the entertainment, jerk chicken and gumbo for African Americans.  Akin, who was mentioned in Publishers Weekly June 7, 1999 issue for a deal with Villard, sold this one to Cassandra Conyers, Acquisitions Editor at John Muir Publications, whose goal is to enrich independent spirits.   Her agency’s deal with Beacon Press makes possible a Fall 2000 release of the memoir of former peace activist, Congressman Ronald V. Dellums.

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